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About Us

Milltimber Community Hall is owned by the Milltimber community and run on their behalf by the Milltimber Community Association SCIO, a self-funding charity.

The idea of the hall was first conceived in 1972. At the time all community activities were held in the primary school but were limited to evenings and weekends. A group of residents formed an association (the MCA) and started to raise funds to build a community facility. 

Between 1975 and 1982 a Cubs group and then a Scout troop were established in Milltimber and the resulting Scout Group needed a dedicated meeting space and storage. 

In 1984 the MCA were alerted to the possibility of building on amenity land being provided as part of a new housing development in the Meadows area of Milltimber.

In 1985 the MCA and the Scout Group met to discuss a joint venture in which they could share resources to provide a facility that would meet everyone's needs. Two separate buildings were discussed but this was soon changed to a combined facility under the management of the MCA.

It took until 1987 to resolve technical issues regarding vehicular access and grant funding, but on 25th February 1989 the Milltimber Community Hall was finally opened for business.

The hall continues to be managed by the MCA on behalf of the local community. It is a busy and well-used facility offering a wide variety of activities as well as being available to hire for parties and fundraising activities. 

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