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Booking terms & conditions

1. Definitions

(a) 'Management' means Milltimber Community Association SCIO Board of Trustees or their representative

(b) 'Hall' means all the buildings, land, furniture and equipment that make up Milltimber Community Hall

(c) 'Hirer' means a person over 18 years of age who shall be responsible for ensuring that these terms and conditions will be complied with during the period of hire

(d) 'Hire Form' means the form titled Milltimber Community Hall Application for Hire / Invoice 

(e) 'Hire Period' means the duration that the Hall is hired for

(f) ' Event' means the hire period activity or function

2. Application for Hire 

(a) Booking requests can be made either by booking online, sending an e-mail request to or contacting the Management by telephone

(b) On receiving a booking request the Management will issue a booking confirmation confirming the Hire Period, hire cost and description of the Event. 

(c) All details contained in the booking confirmation form part of these terms and conditions.

(d) The booking is not fully confirmed until payment has been received.

3. Acceptance of Hire

(a) Management reserves the right to refuse any application for hire without giving due reasons. 

4. Deposits

(a) A deposit, to be specified on a case by case basis by Management, must be provided with your payment for the Hire Period. The deposit will be held pending satisfactory inspection of the Hall by Management following the Hire Period or cancellation of hire by the Hirer. A charge will be levied for damage to the building or contents, heating or lighting left on, unreturned keys or additional cleaning required.

(b) No keys will be issued unless full payment and deposit have been received and you have accepted the terms and conditions, either by confirming acceptance when completing an online booking or when completing and returning the Hire Form.

5. Licences, Duties and Copyrights

(a) The Hirer is responsible for obtaining any relevant licences or rights applicable to the Event and undertakes to abide by and comply with the conditions, stipulations and requirements contained in or attached to any licences or permissions granted to the Hirer and to indemnify Management against all claims, costs, demands, fines and fees associated by any breach of this undertaking.

(b) Details of licences and permissions applied for and those granted are to be supplied to Management at the time of making hire cost payments. 

6. Hire Cost and Payment

(a) Hire cost will be based on the Hire Period  and the applicable hire rate current at the date of the hire. 

(b) Hire cost is payable to Management prior to the start of the Hire Period. Failure to make payment at least 14 days prior to the hire day will be considered to be a cancellation by the Hirer.

7. Cancellation of Hire

(a) A refund of deposit and hire cost paid will be made to the Hirer in the event of refusal of hire by Management

(b) A refund of deposit and hire cost paid will be made to the Hirer in the event of any cancellation made at least 14 days in advance of the day of hire. 

(c) Where a cancellation is made within 14 days of the hire date the Management will refund the deposit and 50% of the Hire Cost unless the Hall is rebooked by another user, in which case the remaining 50% of the Hire cost will be refunded. 

8. Security

(a) Details of how to access the hall will be provided on receipt of payment of the hire cost and deposit. 

(b) The Hirer is responsible for the security of the Hall during the Hire Period and must ensure that all external and internal doors and the Patio doors  in the coffee lounge are locked, all windows closed and secured and lights and all heating switches off when the Hall is not occupied and at the end of the Hire Period. 

9. Conditions of Use

(a) No drawing pins, nails, screws, tools, instruments or any other like items may be applied to any part of the Hall property except that drawing pins may be used on the notice boards in the Main Hall. 

(b)Hirers are responsible for ensuring that decoration of the hall is carried out safely. The MCA step ladder is not for public use and must not be used by hirers. 

(c) At the end of the Hire Period the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that:

  • furniture and equipment is returned to its storage place

  • the Hall is left in a clean and tidy condition and undamaged (see our cleaning checklist)

  • the floors are swept / vacuumed

  • the cooker and microwave have been cleaned thoroughly if used and its control and wall switch turned off

  • all items have been removed from the fridge

  • all rubbish is removed from inside and outside the Hall and safely disposed of. Rubbish should not be left in Hall bins. 

(d) Chairs and tables must be stacked carefully and chairs should be stacked no higher than 12 chairs per stack. Children must not be allowed to move tables and chairs within the store. 

(e) All spillages on floors and tables must be immediately cleaned using minimal amounts of water and cleaning products

(f) Any damage, dirt or staining should be reported to Management as soon as reasonably possible

(g) As an alternative to carrying out their own cleaning, Hirers can request a post-party cleaning service which Management can arrange via their contracted cleaning company. The cost of this service is available on request. 

(h) If alcohol is to be consumed at the event then a minimum of two people over 18 years of age shall be on duty throughout the Hire Period to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions. 

(i) To avoid nuisance to adjacent residents the entry into and exit from the Hall and car park should be carried out as quickly and quietly as possible.

(j) Functions involving live music and / or amplified sound must have all Hall external doors and windows kept closed and event must end by midnight. 

(k) If you wish to let off fireworks you must contact Aberdeen City Council and Scottish Fire and Rescue for information on legal regulations and advice. Please also make efforts to let the local residents know through leafleting or posters to prevent distress to pets and young children. Please also advise the Management who will alert residents through a notice on the Hall website. 

(l) Use of the hall during snowy weather is at the hirers discretion. The clearance of snow and ice from Hall entrances, exits and car park is the responsibility of the Hirer. Grit, grit spreader and snow shovel are provided during winter months for use by hirers if required. 

(m) The grass area to the rear of the Hall is not part of the Hall property but may be used by Hall users at their own risk. 

(n) Cars must only be parked in the car park area and must not be parked on grassed areas or pedestrian routes. 

10. Fire, Health and Safety

(a) Hirer must ensure compliance with all regulations issued by the Management and Local Authorities pertaining to fire, health and safety during the Hire Period.

(b) Ensure you have studied the building plan in the lobby and are aware of the emergency exits, identified on the plan by black arrows, and how to evacuate the building including any disabled persons. 

(c) In the event of a fire you must ensure that the building is completely evacuated (including checking the toilets). Telephone the Fire and Rescue Service or ask someone to do it on your behalf. Do not take unnecessary risks. Management should be informed as soon as possible in the event of any emergency. 

(d) The fire alarm should be sounded and makes a continuous ringing sound. 

(e) All exits within the Hall must be kept free from obstructions throughout the Hire Period to enable quick and easy evacuation.

(f) Door stops are for holding doors open temporarily during set up and tidy up periods and must not be used to hold doors open during the main hire period. 

(g) The front door is an emergency exit and must not be locked whilst the building is occupied. 

(h) The cages containing convection heaters in the building can become hot. They should not be touched and combustible material should not be placed on or near them.

(i) Performances and activities involving danger to the public are not permitted.

(j) Highly flammable or explosive substances shall not be brought into or used in any part of the Hall premises.

(k) No hall fittings, electrical circuits or central heating units may be moved, changed or interfered with.

(l) Electrical equipment provided by the MCA must be used in accordance with provided instructions and only for the intended purpose. 

(m) Any electrical equipment brought into the hall by hirers must be safe for use, damage free and removed at the end of the hire period. 

(n) The only candles permitted in the Hall are tea lights in appropriate holders which must not be left unattended.

(o) Additional heating appliances must not be used on the premises without the consent of the Management.

(p) The main hall is equipped with high level radiant heaters. Care must be exercised when using these heaters so that no items come close to them. Items that can reach the heaters will include balloons or bouncy castles. 

(q) Hirers are responsible for carrying out any risk assessments required for the activities they plan to run during the Hire Period. Management have carried out a building risk assessment which is displayed on the hall notice board. A copy is available to Hirers on request. 

11. Liability, Loss or Damage of Property

(a) Any loss or damage to Hall property during the Hire Period may result in the forfeit of the deposit or a claim against the Hirer for repair or replacement costs.

(b) Management does not accept liability or responsibility for damage or loss of any property which is not part of the Hall property

(c) The Hirer shall indemnify Milltimber Community Association SCIO from and against all actions, claims, expenses, proceedings and demands whatsoever arising out of the use of the Hall whether in respect of personal injury (including death) or otherwise, except to the extent that any such action or claim arises out of negligence or wrongful acts of Management. 

12. Management Rights

(a) The Management reserves the right of entry to the Hall at any time. 

(b) Management reserves the right to alter hire rates and terms and conditions without prior notice. 

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